Monday, August 8, 2016

Going Out West

I'm back! :) It has been such a long time since I've sat down and took some time to spend on my blog! Almost two years! Haha! With a list of excuses I could go through, I'll just cut to the chase and say I'm here and Lord willing, I hope to be posting more often. Going out west. Was SO amazing and a trip I'll never forget! Beginning in Las Vegas, Nevada and ending in Oceanside, California I was blessed to meet some of my sweet brothers and sisters in Christ along with experiencing new things.
The best part of this trip was I didn't travel alone! I flew out with three preachers; my dad, Elder Sam Bryant, and Elder Craig Blair. It was awesome, I really enjoyed listening to their conversations and learning a thing or two. ;)
You may be wondering why I flew with three preachers, well the whole reason this trip to Las Vegas came about was because of a dear sweet group of people. Which I can now happily call, the members of Las Vegas Primitive Baptist Church! :) The center of this trip was to constitute their church. Many Elders came from all around to join in this sweet and exciting service! My favorite part was to watch each of them be baptized and see the joy in my dad! My dad has been helping and serving this group for few years. I've heard him speak of them often in church and at home, and I was so excited to finally meet them! The love they have for the Lord is so encouraging. Remembering that a light shines brighter in a dark place, this church is brighter than ever. I pray this church will be a light to those seeking peace in a dark world.

Bro. Buddy Abernathy (my dad) and Bro. Chris McCool (my pastor) both working hard together!

                                              Mason, John Morgan, and Austin, ready to sing!

                                                                  Sweet fellowship!

Members names: Nancy Anderson, Janyce Benson, Michael Flock, Valerie Flock, Cheryl McClellan, Terri Nelson, Cinthia Nelson, Frances Reilley, Adrienne Uselding, Michael Uselding, Austyn Uselding, Jack Young, Margo Young


All the elders who attended:

What a wonderful experience! God is amazing. If you have a chance, please say a prayer for Las Vegas PBC as they continue to seek a pastor. :)

After Las Vegas, we set out for California. Leaving the preachers and traveling by van with my boyfriend Austin and his family. I can't even begin to express how much fun I had with them! So blessed to have shared in their adventurous vacation.
Our first destination was Disneyland, where we would be for four days. Let's just say it was SO MUCH FUN.
 Captain Fanny-Pack behind us!! AH! :D

60th Anniversary for Disneyland!

Riding the trolley. 
       Smile and Wave Boys.                                                                          

Favorite Ride:
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or California Screamin or Star Tours or OR, I just don't know. They were all so good!


  For my horse crazy sisters! ;)
                                                It's a small world!
California Adventure Land! Very cool place!

Tower of Terror! Yes, I was terrified. ;)

Downtown Disney!

Final stop, Oceanside and San Diego, California.

A beautiful place! Seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time was a true blessing! We all had a wonderful time soaking up the sun and diving through the waves. The best part about it was experiencing so many first.

 I think the best trips you can take, are to view the glorious creations of our heavenly Father!
 He has designed the most beautiful things, and to view and stand in awe of it, will fill you with gratitude, joy, and peace.

After being on the beach, we all became hungry and decided to eat some awesome pizza and watch a movie. :)

ZigZag Pizza!! So good!

SEAWORLD. San Diego, CA.


Dolphin show!

Killer Whales, such a pretty animal.

 Favorite show! Sea Lions!
It was hilarious!

                                                       Had so much fun with  Austin!

Coffee in Cali.
Our last day in California, we decided to explore and found a very hipster coffee shop. ;)

My Tuxedo Mocha. Dark and white chocolate!

 Mason and Ashleigh, such hipsters. ;)

Live, Laugh, Love. Simple quote but life is so much easier with it! :)

San Diego, CA

I really liked getting to see San Diego, such a pretty place! The weather was perfect and the sites were beautiful! I wouldn't mind living there. ;)



 So sweet, love these two!

                                                                                            Dinner! Fancy Sweet potato fries

 and bacon wedge salad! SO good!
  "Wanna a fast pass!!" ;D

                                                 Favorite quote of the trip!! Love them so much!

Homeward Bound!
A bitter sweet moment, we headed home.
Sad to say goodbye to all the fun but happy to go home to family! :)

The last morning of our trip, Austin and I were able to see the sun rise. Talk about beautiful!! God is amazing, and if this is just what the sun looks like shining bright, imagine what The Son will look like. Can't wait for that glorious day!

What else can I say, well actually a lot but I'll try to bring this post to a close. ;) Let's just say I loved this trip. I don't think I'll ever forget it! It was a true blessing from God. I just can't express how thankful and excited I am to see God's light shining through His people in Las Vegas, and how blessed I was to fellowship and spend time with The McCools. I'm thankful for the love in their family and the joy and laughter they have with each other! <3