Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yeah its the first year of high school. More work and it all counts. (AHHH!) I really hope I get A's! lol I just want to do really good this year and try my best.

Homecoming!!!! It would be so awesome if I could go! It would be so much fun to pick out a dress, your hair style, makeup! ohh I would love that! But unfortunately I can't go. :'( Oh well I can have my own party!!!

Yeah I'm home schooled. But you should be very jealous of me being home schooled! You want to know why? lol

1.wake up at 7:30-8
2. eat breakfast slower
3. you can listen to music when doing school! (yeah sorta.)
4. you have a private tutor who takes the time to teach you! (Thanks Mom and Dad! <3)
5. You don't have to raise your hand to pee.
6. no matter what day your b-day's on you have no school that day.
7. no bad lunch food! (Mom makes the best!)
8. lots of field trips!
9. special days in local attraction for homeschooling (discounts!!) lol :D
10. If you move it goes with you no more weird first days of school!
11. No pressure to what you do or wear.
12. And the sports are still with it. (just find your local team!)

Yeah I understand going to public school has its values to.

But Hey look.
I have amazing close friends, I don't live in a cave, and I know how to socialize! :DD
Even if you go to public school its not like you have alot more friends.
You may know more people but there not all your friends. I mean come on, think about it. how many are truly your closest friends?
yeah anyway just thought I would get that out there.
Because I'm sick of people judging homeschooling.

Let me see..... You know all the celebrities that have to be home schooled lol yeah! ; D

So next time you think we homeschoolers don't know how to handle the world.. THINK again.

Don't judge others before you judge yourself.

And I'm not saying everyone who isn't home schooled is bad or thinks all these things.

Because almost half my friends go to public school and their awesome!! (love you friends!)

Just wanted to let people know who think we do live in caves! that we don't. lol :P

Well Yeah this is a great first post.

Don't worry there is going to be more post! ;P